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Why The Barter Trainer Program?

why the barter trainer program Specific barter industry experience is not required, because our comprehensive training and support program will provide you with the knowledge and the tools that will enable you to come up to speed quickly and to be very successful.

What you do need to bring to this business is a strong desire to be your own boss, an intense need to help others, a willingness to learn our barter system and excellent communication skills.

We will take care of the rest, as we teach you the most effective process for helping business people benefit from barter, and then we provide you with continuous support as you run your trade exchange network. Select from the various segments of The Barter Trainer Program to provide you with as much (or as little) expert guidance and tools as you feel that you need get a successful jump start in the barter industry.

Participate in a rigorous three-day training schedule that covers such topics as:
  • Three days of comprehensive training by the Barter Trainer in Cleveland, Ohio (during spring and summer months) and in Naples, Florida (during winter months).
  • In-depth instruction on the barter exchange economy, operations and management.
  • Explicit details on the best way to market and sell the benefits of barter.
  • How to get your barter exchange clients trading.
  • Tested, replicated business model that guides you to be in business within 4 weeks.
  • Effective advertising, marketing and public relations guidelines.
Obtain our comprehensive barter training manuals:
  • Operations Manual - how to operate and manage your trade exchange
  • Sales Training Manual - with special attention given to appointment setting and selling new accounts
  • Marketing Manual, with press releases, advertising materials and everything that you need to generate plenty of publicity for your new trade exchange.
  • Broker Training Manual, packed with information on how to get your clients doing business with each other and how to provide excellent customer service.
Benefit from the latest in barter software technology:
  • Proprietary Barter Solutions software - with everything needed to operate your own barter network. Includes accounting, statements, contact management, tracking and complies with IRS 1099B processing.
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Tune-ups to maximize performance
Enjoy effective prospecting with Marketing Concepts:
  • Ingenious prospecting and marketing tool, for your sales team to use - making the prospecting and appointment-setting process easier.
  • Each industry-specific Marketing Concepts fully tells the barter story - clearly and concisely in an easy-to-read newsletter format.
  • Articles includes interviews with business owners within a specific industry, and addresses most of the common barter objections they face.
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers pertaining to barter in their industry, plus a list of the typical products and services available on trade.
Create a professional barter website:
  • An inviting and compelling site will be created to market your barter exchange.
  • Your website will be up an operational by the time you start your barter exchange.
  • Let your website help generate new leads and sales for your barter exchange.
  • A creative, professionally designed barter website awaits you - starting from only $995.
Take advantage of personal consultation with The Barter Trainer:
  • Learn from the top authority in the barter industry - and he's ready to personally consult with you as you embark on starting your own trade exchange.
  • Get educated on the ins and outs of the barter industry and get started on the right track.
  • The Barter Trainer is just a phone call away with a solution should you run into a problem once you get started with your trade exchange.
  • The barter industry provides you with all of these inviting characteristics, and more!

Learn more about Tom McDowell's Barter Trainer Program and
How To Launch Your Own Highly Successful & Profitable Trade Exchange.

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