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What's In It For You?

Since 1982, Tom McDowell, The Barter Trainer, has used his expertise in the barter industry to build ATX The Barter Company -- North America's leading independent retail barter exchange. Now, Tom shares his successful model trade exchange secrets and successes with you - but you need to have a passion to join this exciting industry!

whats in it for me Why You Need The Barter Trainer Program To Succeed

Why go through the trials and errors of building a barter exchange from scratch when you can jumpstart your company quickly - and correctly? By investing in The Barter Trainer Program, you can "Launch Your Own Highly Successful & Profitable Trade Exchange," without having to start from scratch.

Align yourself with Tom McDowell, who's already achieved success in the barter industry and you will have all of the advantages earned by that trade exchange model. You'll start with a strong foundation for a solid business.

When we started to offer our training program years ago, our thought process was quite simple. We wanted to guarantee that our new exchange owners were getting the absolute best preparation for starting their barter exchange with a running start, to do it as simply as possible - without reiventing the wheel.

Enter The Barter Trainer Program

Combining the best of what our industry has to offer, with an emphasis on what makes the barter exchange concept unique, we have created the most innovative approach to successfully starting a new trade exchange.

One of the distinct advantages of owning your own barter exchange is low overhead and inventory - factors that can be burdensome to many small businesses. With a barter exchange, you bring the barter concept directly to your potential clients - developing programs that help them achieve incremental business and ultimately increasing their cash flow.

As a trade exchange owner trained by The Barter Trainer, you'll join a family of successful entrepreneurs working together to create a strong secure future. If you are serious about success and joining a team that works together, call today.

An Ideal Business Opportunity

Have you ever asked yourself what the ideal business is? An ideal enterprise should of course, be legal and ethical, recession-proof and allow for repeat sales.

Other qualities would include low overhead, no territorial restriction, a low start-up investment and to not require overly specialized education and/or talent.


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