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BarterSolutions: The Ultimate
Barter Software Package

Developing your operations and instituting sound accounting practices are among the crucial first steps you must take as the owner of your own trade exchange. Once again, Barter Trainer and industry authority Tom McDowell has got you covered. Tom's nearly 30 years of industry experience led him to develop BarterSolutions, a software package developed exclusively for the trade industry.

BarterSolutions expertly handles all of your accounting, contact management, and e-mail tracking needs. This program produces your monthly statements and e-mails them to your clients, records your conversations, and helps to remind you to follow up on calls. BarterSolutions also makes your accounts aware of the various products and services available both locally and nationally. One of the most important features is BarterSolutions complies with all IRS 1099B reporting requirements.

BarterSolutions is considered to be the finest software program industry. Once you get familiar with its capabilities, it will make your entire operation run smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

Perhaps the best part of BarterSolutions is that you purchase the software package and own it outright - allowing you to keep complete confidentiality of your client data and financial information. No need to share this information with franchisors or software services, who in many cases may be your competition.

Maximize the potential of your trade exchange with the BarterSolutions software package. Your accounting procedures will be simplified, your contact management will be efficient and top-rate, and your trade volume will be off to a great start.

If you would like to schedule a demo of the barter software solution, or would like to purchase BarterSolutions, contact The Barter Trainer today!

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