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Marketing Concepts Helps Trade Exchange Owners Enhance Sales Efforts

You've called on renowned Barter Trainer Tom McDowell and his innovative barter trainer program to get your trade exchange started on the right track. Now it's time to put into practice what Tom has taught you, and start the prospecting and appointment-setting process on your own as you embark on making the most of your business opportunity.

As you continue to chart a successful course for your new exchange, don't forget about your marketing and sales initiatives. You will need to arm yourself with effective and powerful tools to properly market your trade exchange so that you can efficiently prospect, book appointments with, and sell to the business owners in your market.

One of the most resourceful tools in your marketing and sales arsenal must be Tom's time-tested catalog of Marketing Concepts direct mail newsletters. Tom developed Marketing Concepts to be an ingenious barter prospecting and marketing tool - one of the best in the barter industry - for your sales team to make the prospecting and appointment-setting process easier. Your exchange will greatly benefit from having these direct mail newsletters customized for your exchange and at your disposal as part of your sales and marketing materials.

Designed and written by Tom himself, Marketing Concepts newsletters work in conjunction with the sales training techniques you learned from Tom to help you to effectively prospect targeted business types.

Marketing Concepts fully tells the barter story - clearly and concisely in an easy-to-read newsletter format. Each article includes interviews with business owners within your prospect's industry, and addresses most of the common barter objections they face. Every Marketing Concepts newsletter includes Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about barter, the typical products and services available on trade, along with secialized industry-related benefits of barter to business owners.

As your new exchange takes flight, Marketing Concepts will enable you to reach new heights - and help you to generate business immediately.

The best part of Marketing Concepts is the wide range of specific industries that are available for you, to be customized with your barter exchange information.

Choose from:

"Barter Ads Up To New Business, More Profits"

Antiques Dealers
"Antiques Dealers Polish Up Profits With Barter"

Appliance Dealers
"Appliance Dealers Discover Trade Secret With Barter"

Auto Body Repair Shops
"Barter Hammers Out Profits For Auto Body Shops"

Auto Dealers (New & Used)
"Barter Helps Auto Dealers Drive Profits"

Auto Parts
"Barter Sparks Profits, Customers for Auto Parts Dealers"

Auto Repair Shops
"Auto Repair Shops Rev Up Business With Barter"

Carpet & Flooring
"Barter Rolls Out Profits For Carpet and Flooring Dealers"

"Barter The Backbone of New Business"

Cleaning Contractors
"Cleaning Companies Sweep Up Profits With Barter"

"Barter Dials Up Improved Market Share"

Computer Dealers
"Barter Puts The Byte On Outdated Hardware"

"Barter Builds Revenues For Contractors"

"Barter Gives Dentists A Sweet Tooth For Profits"

Doors (Garage & Overhead)
"Barter Lifts Profits For Overhead Door Companies"

Embroidery & Screen Printing
"Barter Sews Profits For Embroiderers and Screenprinters"

Fence Contractors
"Barter Opens Floodgate of Profits For Fence Contractors"

"Barter Helps Profits Bloom For Florists"

Furniture Stores (Residential)
"Barter Furnishes New Source Of Customers"

Gift Baskets
"Barter - The Gift That Keeps On Giving"

Gift Shops
"It's Crystal Clear - Barter Bears A Gift Of Profits"

Golf Clubs
"Barter - A Stroke of Genius For Golf Courses"

"Barter - A Cool Way To Heat Up HVAC Profits"

Hardware Stores
"Barter - A Tool Of The Trade For Hardware Stores"

Home Improvement
"Remodelers Barter To Increase Client Base"

Hospitality (Hotels & Motels)
"Bartering Empty Rooms Maximizes Profits"

"Barter - A Gem Of An Idea For Jewelers"

"Landscapers Cultivate Sales With Barter"

Lawn & Garden Equipment
"Lawn And Garden Stores Cultivate Sales With Barter"

"Barter Helps Locksmiths Secure New Customers, Profits"

Motorcycle Dealers
"Barter Revs Up New Sales, Customers For Motorcycle Dealers"

Office Equipment Dealers
"The Fax of Life: Barter Computes Profits For Equipment Dealers"

Office Furniture
"Barter Delivers Profits To Office Furniture Dealers"

Paint & Wallpaper
"Barter Brushes Up Profits In The Paint And Wallpaper Industry"

"Barter Floods Plumbers With New Business"

"Barter Keeps Idle Presses Running"

Publishing (Newspapers)
"Barter Helps Publishers Circulate More Profits"

Restaurant Equipment
"Barter Provides Appetite For Profits To Restaurant Suppliers"

"Barter Fills Empty Restaurant Tables"

"Barter Raises Profit Ceiling For Roofers"

"Barter Illuminates Profits For Sign Companies"

Spas & Salons
"Barter Helps Re-energize Spa Sales"

Sporting Goods
"Sporting Goods Stores Tackle Competitors With Barter"

Telephone Equipment
"Barter Dials Up Profits For Telephone System Companies"

Tire Dealers
"Barter Accelerates Service Sales For Tire Dealers"

"Barter Nails Down Profits And New Customers For Tool Shop Owners"

"Barter Awards Trophy Shops New Customers And Profits"

Web Development
"Barter Helps Web Developers Net New Clients And Profits"

Women's Clothing
"Barter Proves Chic For Women's Boutique"

"Barter Helps Veterinarians Collar New Business"

Marketing Concepts is modestly priced starting at $139 each for 1 to 4 titles; $129 each for 5 to 9 titles; $109 each for 10 to 24 titles; and $89 each for 25 to 50 titles. We also will include our Marketing Plan when you order 10 or more - which details how you can effectively use Marketing Concepts to bring new members into your trade exchange.

More details on Marketing Concepts is available by calling 440-488-1683, or Contact The Barter Trainer!

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. Give your barter exchange prospecting a jumpstart by using innovative Marketing Concepts to secure solid appointments and net big sales.

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