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Training Manuals
Let Tom McDowell's Barter Trainer Manuals
Map Your Success As A Trade Exchange Owner

A galaxy of business opportunities awaits you if you have the entrepreneurial spirit needed to fuel an innovative, time-tested venture into the world of barter. Let renown Barter Trainer Tom McDowell take you to the launching pad and give your business the proper lift off needed to propel yourself toward conquering new frontiers as the owner of your own trade exchange.

As any smart entrepreneur knows, there is no reason to make the same mistakes of others when you can learn directly from them -- and their mistakes. Tom loves to quote Albert Einstein's definition of insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Tom takes the madness out of starting your own trade exchange by sharing with you his personal pitfalls - and his many triumphs!

These features make Tom McDowell's Barter Trainer Manuals the definitive foundation upon which to build or improve your trade exchange.

If you are familiar with barter, sales, and the intricacies of administrative processes, these manuals will give you all of the vital information you need to get started in a successful barter exchange network. Originally written by Tom McDowell in 1989, the Barter Trainer himself continues to fine tune and hones these manuals to a fine edge to reflect the latest barter industry trends and conditions.

Here's a sampling of the wealth of useful information that Tom McDowell has packed into each of his four training manuals:

Do you dream about being your own boss, working when you want, and owning a business that is recession-proof? Tom McDowell's Operations Manual shows you step-by-step how to make your dreams a reality.

Tom tackles the difficult issues -- such as choosing a site for your business and what to expect as you get started - head-on with comprehensive information that no entrepreneur can afford to be without. Learn from Tom's mistakes so that you don't make them on your own.

Operations and Management Table of Contents

Tom McDowell has mastered just about every barter sales technique imaginable - and he's ready to share the latest strategies with you. Tom's Sales Training manual reflects his detail-oriented mindset. Having this manual at your disposal is like having Tom sitting right in your office helping you to personally devise sales and marketing tactics that land new accounts - and win big sales.

Tom also will show you the correct procedures to use while training your sales force. He leaves no stone unturned as he unearths the latest methodologies in sales training in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner. This manual proves why Tom is considered the authority in the barter industry. From prospecting and appointment setting, to winning referrals from your clients, Tom's sales “bible” is must reading for your sales team.

Sales Training Manual

The success of every trade exchange is predicated on having a quality inside sales team of brokers who know how to put together big deals that yield large percentages.

Tom helps you to write the job description of a successful trade broker by outlining their responsibilities and empowering them with vital relationship building skills needed to assemble deals that keep your clients happily looking to increase their trade volume with your exchange.

Tom zeros in on client retention, handling travel and media requests, as well as establishing an impeccable reputation to secure an endless cycle of power trading.

Trade Broker Training Manual

Promoting the products and services of each of your clients is paramount to the success they enjoy with your exchange - and will help you to unleash a wide variety of offerings to your clients.

From daily e-mail promotions and fax flashes to informative monthly notices, Tom's Promotional Forms and Letters manual provides the impetus to write the perfect letter or promotional flier every time.

This manual covers Prospecting and Marketing plans, Employment Paperwork, and letters to help your brokers do business better with clients. Don't know how to handle a disgruntled employee or client? A template to write the proper letter can be found here. Need the right questions to ask a sales candidate in an interview? It's here as well. Tom himself ensures that this manual is the ultimate problem-solver --- and it will become your best friend!

Whether you want one or all of Tom McDowell's comprehensive training manuals, one thing is certain: Tom's insight into the world of barter is unparalleled - and shines through in each volume.

Look at it this way. If you're a golfer and could have one person hit your tee shot, wouldn't you pick Phil Mickelson to rocket the ball down the fairway? As the owner of a trade exchange, you'd want no one else than Tom McDowell teeing up your business and driving it toward financial success.

Promotions, Forms, Letters, Manuals

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