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Date Posted: March 4, 2008

Barter Clubs Offer Formula For Near-Perfect Business Venture

For years entrepreneurs and business owners alike have been struggling with one quintessential question: does a perfect business opportunity exist? While no business opportunity provides the ingredients for a perfect formula, one has the recipe that nears perfection: a barter club or trade exchange.

Owning a trade exchange comes closer to perfection than any other business opportunity out there. And one individual, barter trainer Tom McDowell, can provide you with the steps to perfect your own barter club or trade exchange. Tom 's barter trainer program is the complete package – and the only package entrepreneurs need to start their own barter club.

The barter trainer program provides effective training manuals, software, one-on-one consulting with Tom McDowell himself, marketing publications, and Web site solutions. Tom McDowell 's barter trainer program gives you a clear-cut and highly effective and profitable start up business. All brought to you by Tom McDowell – widely heralded and respected as the foremost authority on barter clubs and the barter industry.

Nobody helps you to cash in on the barter club business like Tom McDowell. Tom started his first trade exchange in 1982, and since then he has helped many others worldwide to get started and develop highly successful barter clubs of their own.

Remember, buying a franchise is no guarantee to making money - in fact you start out by having to hand a portion of your profits over every month to the business owner. TOM MCDOWELL DOESN'T SELL FRANCHISES. Since 1982, he has been helping entrepreneurs (just like you) start and operate their own successful barter exchanges - and they keep all of the profits! Tom 's barter trainer program requires a moderate investment, which includes everything you need to get started toward a successful business, and a rewarding career.

If you are serious about owning your own business, then we are committed to helping you to succeed in realizing your dream. If you can imagine it ... you can trade for it! Barter allows you to do something positive which you enjoy while you work and earn a substantial income.

What are you waiting for? Start your own barter club today. Let Tom McDowell show you how.


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