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Barter Brokers Can Make Or Break Your Trade Exchange

When it comes to your trade exchange, brokers are the backbone of your operation. Granted you need outside sales people to bring new business into your program, but it is the barter brokers working on the inside facilitating lucrative deals between members who help to keep your revenue stream flowing.

For trade brokers to succeed, they must be well organized and well connected to each member of your barter company. It is important that brokers establish such essential basics as setting personal goals, learn how to effectively build rapport with members, think outside the box when presenting trade ideas to clients, and master the art of turning a small request into a big deal.

"Trade brokers have a tremendous amount of responsibility within a barter exchange," said Barter Trainer Tom McDowell, whose How To Launch Your Own Highly Successful and Profitable Trade Exchange is one of the premier barter training programs in the industry. "Brokers really determine how much volume your exchange will do, so it is imperative that they master many key facets of barter so that they are constantly thinking of innovative ways to structure a deal."

McDowell covers the importance of trade brokers in extensive detail during his monthly Barter Trainer Program course, held either in Cleveland, Ohio, or Naples, Fla.


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