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Barter In The News

The viability of the barter industry, as well as the features and benefits of membership in a trade exchange, has been profiled by such national media outlets as The Wall Street Journal, CBS News' The Early Show, Marketing Concepts, Kiplinger's, Costco, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, and Opportunity magazine.
Here are some excerpts from these, and other news articles:

Kiplingers"Barter gives clients a competitive edge. Barter network members tend to shop within the system first, and satisfied barter customers make referrals to cash customers." - Kiplinger's

Family Circle"More and more women are bartering for everything from pet-sitting services to airline tickets. To get the most out of barter, you must have a talent or product that other people want. Services can make even better swaps than products because they're a renewable source." - Family Circle magazine

Restaurant News"Barter exchanges help cash-strapped entrepreneurs stimulate sales, develop new clients, convert excess capacity or inventory into revenue, and acquire goods and services needed to conduct a business. The most important benefit of barter is cash conservation: keeping cash in the bank while using barter revenue to offset normal operating costs." - Nation's Restaurant News

Chicago Tribune"Evolving from one-to-one trades among businesses, bartering now mainly takes place through large exchanges in which businesses receive trade credits instead of cash that they can spend on a multitude of items from other firms. Even large corporations increasingly are using barter networks rather than handling excess products over to liquidators." - Chicago Tribune

Arkansas Democrat Gazette"Arkansas companies are learning how to get what they need without spending cash. Businesses including restaurants and airlines trade services and products, in return earning a form of currency - trade dollars - that then can be used to buy goods and services." - Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Marketing Concepts"The most important part of barter is getting new business," says Tom McDowell, Retired Executive Director of the National Association of Trade Exchanges. "When someone joins an exchange they're exposed to hundreds of new potential customers locally and thousands around the country. With competition so stiff today, barter helps drive those customers past your competition and into your door." - Marketing Concepts, Restaurant issue"Experts estimate that millions of companies, especially young ones, employ barter as a regular or occasional business tool. Barter provides one important benefit: helping companies dispose of excess inventory by trading it for valuable goods or services. That can be especially useful for startups whose markets aren't developed enough to consume all their capacity." -

IJCCR"We're the only business not affected by the economy. When the economy gets bad, we see a surge of new members. But when the economy is in turnaround, we see growth in volume among existing members." - Tom McDowell, quoted in International Journal of Community Currency Research

GCSAA"North American companies barter for incremental business — over and above their day-to-day cash business — in excess of $2 billion annually" - GCSAA Leader Board

Business Week Online"If you're low on cash and up for new business, bartering for goods and services can be a shrewd business move." - BusinessWeek online


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